A vibrant and healthy choice

Via India is a premium retail and dining experience bringing Indian food into a new dimension by using ingredients and techniques found in Italian cuisine, creating innovative products that provide a fresh, healthy choice.

Indian food with a twist

Our recipes are drawn from regions across India and Italy, combining traditional and modern ingredients, including fresh vegetables and fruits, spices, marinades, sauces, breads, pickles, dips, and oils.

Natural, healthy and wholesome food

Via India offers a natural range of products combining fresh Indian food with some of the best Mediterranean practices, prepared naturally at the highest quality and offering low salt, sugar and fats.

A new culinary destination

Via India is a meeting place which constantly evolves. It is a place to try something different, encounter new taste sensations and to share experiences.

A premium experience

Via India aims to provide our dining and retailing experience in a number of top cities throughout Asia, North America and Europe, where we believe consumers are looking for a premium offering that values high quality, natural ingredients, freshness and great service.